The official launch of the Kornit Avalanche Hexa

The Kornit Digital company officially started selling of a new model Kornit Avalanche - HEXA  machines  on the occasion of the FESPA  exhibition in Munich. The Kornit Avalanche Hexa machine was developed based on the requirements of advertising, fashion and sport clothing industry to expand the color range of DTG /digital machines. Adding red and green inks to traditional CMYK inks increased ink gamut by 30% compared to the standard CMYK. By adding red and green inks to traditional CMYK inks was increased ink gamut by 30 % compared to the standard CMYK). Kornit Hexa allows precisely specify the desired ink colourfulness. The possibilities of this machine far surpasses what is possible to print with conventional CMYK printing machines.
With the Avalanche Hexa machine there is no problem to print shades of fiery red, warm yellow, dark blue, green and live purple at high production speeds.
The Kornit Digital company with its machine Avalanche Hexa again shifts and expands the possibilities and use of DTG/digital machines. 



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