Exhibition center/Showroom

In the showroom, there is a is a permanent exhibition entitled "Screen printing from A to Z". This is a section of the entire technology almost in a didactic form.

Individual exhibitions are focused on preparation of printing forms - meshes, inks, machines and equipment, textile printing and pad printing technology. 

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Continuously there are some simple equipment installed - hand operated carousel, ironing equipment, various products, fixtures and innovations.

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In the vestibule there is a small exhibition called "window into history" of screen printing and other printing technologies with several historical artifacts. 

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Digital textile printing machines Kornit THUNDER are installed in another demonstration area.

In one part of the demonstration center there is a textile showroom with an assortment of the company Fruit of the Loom          and  RUSSELL T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, underwear and other textiles for printing and embroidery. 



 In the lecture room and in corridors there is a permanent exhibition of serigraphs by renowned artists.




Screen printing courses               


Finish organizes a basic, newly designed five-day course of screen printing annually. The course combines theoretical explanation with practical examples of  manual printing and machine printing on 1/2 - and 3/4 automatic machines with a practical training in its own workshop.
The issue of screen printing is explained accompanied by screen  and digital printing performance on flat materials from roll to roll and sheet materials on the  Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 machine  and on Kornit Thunder textile printing machines.
The course is suitable for screen printing operation staff as well as managers of companies. It is also  recommend  to employees of advertising agencies who subcontract screen printing orders.
The lecturers are experts with a lot of practical and pedagogical activities in this field.

In case, you are interested in training of a group (min. 10 people), we are able to provide a special course estimated for you.


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Draft course program
- Screen printing as a printing process
- Pre-press preparation - frames, tightening, preparation and production of screen printing stencils
- Materials - meshes, inks, auxiliary chemicals, print materials
- Print of flat materials, cylinder and round print
- Textile screen printing and digital textile printing
- Organizing of screen printing workshops, calculations of screen printing works, screen printing workshop in terms of legal    and safety regulations
- Machines and equipment for manual, 1/2 automatic, 3/4 automatic and fully automatic screen printing


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The course is organized only once a year and it is held in the training spaces with a permanent exhibition of screen printing and in all workshops premises of the company.


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