Kornit Avalanche Hexa

Kornit Avalanche Hexa

Kornit Avalanche Hexa

• The combination of brilliant colours for all prints

• The machine for direct printing on textile, designed for high-volume printing of the best quality with the benefits of all existing machines with Kornit

• 20 printed seven main colors: white + CMYKRG, printing area 60 x 90 cm

Technical specifications

Printhead 20 heads, each of 256 nozzles

When the print area of 60 x 90 cm

Print speed (shirts per hour) for size A4 light fabric - up to 300 pieces dark fabrics - up to 170 pieces

Machine dimensions 290 x 210 x 160 cm

Weight Approx 2200 kg

Power 400/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Print resolution up to 630 dpi

Technical specifications

Max. printing size cm
Max.printing speed
Power supply 0 V
Dimensions cm
Weight kg

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