PULVO compact semi automatic screen printing machine

PULVO compact  semi automatic  screen printing machine

PULVO compact semi automatic screen printing machine

Main features:

- Universal screen printing equipment suitable for printing on any rigid, semi-rigid and flexible materials with stock thickness up to 30 mm.

- Vertical screen lifting system to minimise the air turbulence, and to prevent any unnecessary ink flow on the screen.

- The printing head is guided on two precisely ground pillars, to ensure the smooth operation, free from any vibration.

- The printing frame is fixed on the master frame with the support from the patented design rigid side arms, guaranteed the highest printing repeatability.

- The snap off distance is centrally adjustable with a single hand wheel, quick set up and easy adjustment.

- PROGRESSIVE PEEL OFF SYSTEM (PPO™) --- the screen peel off action is automatically controlled by the advanced hydro-pneumatic system sychronised with the squeegee action.

- Motor driven printing carriage, running on the double parallel high precision Linear Motion Guides, ensured the smooth squeegee movement for achieving the highest performance in quality printing.

- The squeegee and flood coating speed are independently adjustable, adjustable stroke length with the advanced non-contact proximity switches.

- Pneumatic actuated squeegee/flood coater change-over with INTERACTIVE SQUEEGEE PRESSURE SYSTEM (ISP™), that the squeegee pressure is optimised evenly throughout the printing cycle.

- Backlash free X/Y/Z adjustment on table with self-locking system, guaranteed at the spot precise adjustment without any table shift.

PLC control.

Technical specifications

Max. printing size 45 x 60, 60 x 80, 60 x 100, 80 x 150, 80 x 170, 100 x 150, 100 x 170 cm
Max. substrate height 4 cm
Power supply 400 V
Air consumption 75 l/min

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