Screen printing

Print substrates and material

  • Printing on paper, cardboard, PVC and paper stickers, plastic and acrylic sheets for light advertising, printing on PE and paper bags.
  • Printing on coated steel or aluminiumm sheets - parts, stainless steel sheets, composite materials, for example dibond, plastic shapedmouldingss, advertising and promotional items.
  • Finalization of offset printed materials - both partial and flat UV glossy and matte varnish, wiping colours, reflex and fluorescent colours, reprints of invitations, books, posters, calendars, etc.

Technology process

  • We use solvent-based, water-based and UV inks with excellent properties for deep stretching and with a long-term outdoor colour stability. Inks have a top effect in fluorescent tube light.
  • Print with special effects - metallic effect, printing on transparent materials, two-sided stickers on glass, printing on reverse side of plates for light advertising, toning of colours according to delivered standards.
  • Raster printing with a high-resolution printing.
  • Printing on floor graphics, including lamination of safety anti-slip foils.
  • Partial and surface UV coating to B1 format.
  • Print on laminated sheets
  • Special effects - toned UV varnish, relief UV varnish, metallic effects, matte UV varnish, anti-slip varnish.
  • Daily capacity: 10 000 – 15 000 prints

Cylindrical objects printing

We have an equipment for round and cylindrical object printing - bottles, cups, etc.

Printing workshop is equipped:

3/4 automat (print format 750 x 1050 mm) with connection to a combined UV tunnel

3/4 automat (print format 750 x 1050 mm) with connection to a UV tunnel
1/2 automat - (print format 1000 x 1400 mm), a print hight up to 50 mm
1/2 automat – (print format 350 x 500 mm), a hight of printed objects up to 100 mm

Manual screen printing equipment for print of small series and print of atypical semifinished products.

Digital printing on flat materials

Digital printing process with UV, solvent based and eco solvent based inks

Printing on flat and roll materials including shaped cuts

•      Full colour direct print on paper, cardboard, PVC stickers, banners, flag material, window graphics, floor graphics, lightbox, rollup, backlight.

•      Production of stickers for 2D and 3D applications – for complicated shaped objects, vehicles.

•      Print of sheet or plate materials - wood, laminated plates, PVC, PP, PE, HPS, ABS sheets, plexiglass, aluminium composite materials, aluminium sheets and more,

•      Duplex print of selected materials,

•      Full-colour print of magnetic foils,

•      Print on transparent materials incl. print with white ink, special effects, UV varnish, duplex sticks on glass

•      print width up to 2050 mm, resolution up to 1200 dpi

Textile print by screen printing

  • We have an automatic and a hand operated carousel at disposal.
  • We perform direct print on T-shirts, sweatshirts and other textiles, umbrellas, textile cuts and other materials.
  • Production series from 1 piece up to thousand of pieces, daily capacity of 2 000 – 3 000 T-shirts or cuts with full-colour print.
  • Max. print dimensions: width 330 x hight 450 mm, the possibility of atypical location of motives - sleeves, neck, bottoms hem.
  • We use a process with plastisol, water-based, sublimated, two component, etching and transfer inks.
  • We print with foamed inks, colourful and metallic glitters, phosphorescent, reflex and metallized shades and foamed transfers .
  • We provide transfer print for colour demanding and precise details incl. applications on textiles or caps by the iron press, embroidery on textiles.
  • We have a wide range of promotional textiles FRUIT OF THE LOOM and RUSSELL, for printing and embroidery.
  • Of course, we print on textiles and materials supplied by the customer.
  • For small series or on request, we alternatively use the cut flock or foil process including ironing.
  • On request, we fold printed textiles, pack them individually in plastic bags and dispatched according to the logistics requirements of customers.

Pad printing
  • Print on advertising and industrial three-dimensional items (pens, lighters, buttons) and various shape complicated objects.


Offset and other printed matters

•    Production of leaflets and posters to A0 format, stickers, folders, brochures, books and other printed materials, incl. all kinds of bookbindings, production of calendars based on customer requirements.

•     Lamination, embossing, stickers in sheets or rolls, custom manufacture of PE bags incl. full-colour prints, advertising flags and stands.

Packaging production

•      Production of packagings incl. full-colour prints - according to individual customer needs.

•      Development and production of gift packages incl. fixation of products.

Logistics - assembling, packaging, direct mailing

•       According to logistic requirements, we provide preparation, packing and expedition of all print orders throughout the Czech Republic within 24 hours.

•       Personification of printed matters and packets.

Our services for other printing houses

We provide and supply

  • Tightening of screen printing frames
  • SAATI meshes
  • Steel and Aluminium frames in own production

  • Production of screen printing stencils – preparation and exposure
  • Squeegee grinding
  • Ink mixing services according to Pantone scale
  • Print testing and technological preparation of printing orders for customers.
  • Consulting services also with a visit of our expert at customer.

Workshop services

We provide warranty and post – warranty service for machines and equipment sold by us.

By agreement, we also provide service for machines that were not purchased in our company.

Ing. Pavel Dvořák

Printing house manager

phone: 466 950 069
handy: 602 419 307
e-mail: Ing. Dvořák


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