Screen printing 4/5 automat ALFRA EUROPA 105/75

Screen printing 4/5 automat  ALFRA EUROPA 105/75

Screen printing 4/5 automat ALFRA EUROPA 105/75

Year of production: about 1985

Max. print size: 1.050 mm x 780 mm

Min. paper size: 420 mm x 300 mm

Max. screen format: 1.350 mm x 1.050 mm

Max. material thickness: 3 mm

Max. print speed of approximately 1,100 sheets per hour

El. Power consumption: 3 x 400 V and 20 A

Pressure. Air: -

Dimensions: 1740 x 3800 mm incl. loader

Weight: 1400 kg incl. loader

This is a very robust machine design fully electromechanical.

Manufacturer: Albert-Frankentahl, Frankenthal Germany


This is a very sturdy construction machine, fully electromechanical. Movement sheets (weighing and balancing) resolves 4 feeder rod loader and a manual feed sheet. The operator removes the top sheet from the pack rests on the loading table and sends it along conveyor belts to the handover, there already waiting for one of feeder bars and at the time of printing sheet occurs prior to the machine precise location of sheet on the front and side lay, then the bar closed and after the printing of the previous sheet and the start stretching colors feeds next sheet to the printing position. After printing is exported the sheet of the same feeder bars to the unloading belts.

Advantages of the machine is its almost zero maintenance, extremely robust, almost purely mechanical design, short setup times for processing different formats or materials and high average speeds in excess of normal 3/4 automatic machines. Printing and painted it a wide range of materials from paper 135 g / m², self-adhesive foils and sheets of toughened PVC after microwave cardboard. Orders were processed from about 200 printed sheets into 10,000 print sheets. The strength of the material is dependent on the opening feeder rods.


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