Carousel Standard FK I/4b FK I/6b

Carousel Standard FK I/4b   FK I/6b

Carousel Standard FK I/4b FK I/6b

Carousel FK Standard 4b, FK Standard 6b

Variable four or six - color hand operated printing equipment fot T-shirt and textile cuts print. Equipment is perfect in simplicity of construction and workmanship and offers all what can offer hand-operated screen-printing equipment. Possibility of independent rotation of patterns and print tables enables exact fit of colors, easy handling and simultaneous printing on more stands. Non-contact print is enabled by simple adjustment of the printing unit. Multi-color textile printig is possible without danger of crease and deformation of materials being printed.

Infra-red dreyer and Flash-cure BSF are suitable accessoriees to this equipment.

Technic data: FK S 4b FK S 6b

Max. diameter 2280 mm 2550 mm

Work height 860 mm 860 mm

Max. size of frames 800x600 mm 800x600 mm

Standard dimensions of plates 400x600 mm 400x600 mm

Weight 80 kg 110 kg


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