Screen printing carousel Stratus

Screen printing carousel Stratus

Screen printing carousel Stratus

• steel frame construction allows quick and trouble-free operation

• solid construction ensures a long service life

• small pitch feet stand saves space

• designed for durability and reliability

• ANATOL all devices are designed to meet or go beyond the industry standard and can be used with other devices, such as a device for the precise alignment and registration of other varieties

• the printing format 51x51cm, expandable to 51x58 cm

• printheads electrically driven, indexing servo drive

• air locks frames

• the colour touch panel control with diagnostic output

• the ability to set multiple motion squeegee at a single print cycle

• independent adjustment of squeegee and floodbar speed

• Independent adjustment of the angle and pressure, squeegee and předtěrky

• micro setting up of frames

• central adjustment of the frames riving

• adjustable multi-rotation indexing carousel for a complete print cycle to allow multiple intermediate drying without losing printhead

• the foot switch for marking fabric unladen on a variety of carousel

• foot switch indexing

• flash cure unit setting intermediate drying time, performance and individual zones intermediate drying, the motion sensor pallets compatible with carousel.


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