Screen printing carousel Titan

Screen printing carousel  Titan

Screen printing carousel Titan

Although Titan is one of smallest automatic carousels in the market is strong, powerful, offering quality, flexibility and speed. Titan has been designed in conjunction with the owners manual carousels. Their entry requirements in the auto print were at the origin of Titan. This carousel has one of the smallest footprint on the market to fit into tight operating space. For many novice printers, it is important that the new machine occupy as little space, which meets the very Titan. While greatly reducing the amount of time to execute screen printing orders (compared to manual carousel) while minimizing input costs. Whether you are thinking about upgrading to an automatic carousel of manual or need to extend their capabilities and expand, Anatol Titan is a perfect solution for a great price, offers optimal performance and unmatched quality. Anatol machines are built for durability and reliability. Titan is 2-7 versions of color with a maximum print area of 38,1cm x 41 cm, the maximum pallet size of 41cm x 56cm and a maximum screen size of 54cm x 71cm.


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