Drying cabinet DIDO SHOP

Drying  cabinet  DIDO SHOP

Drying cabinet DIDO SHOP

Drying cabinet DIDO SHOP

Convection oven with drawers for drying water-based inks or plastisols. The maximum operating temperature is 180 ° C. The air is heated by electric heaters. Air is pushed into the socket in a horizontal position so that all the single flow. The air inside is filtered to maintain the cleanliness and increase efficiency. The furnace is equipped with an exhaust manifold water vapor, gases and is ready for use with a heat exchanger. Each socket is independent and equipped with a timer.


Drying cabinet is mainly intended for digitally printed dark fabrics. It is ideal for small workshops because of its small size and low power consumption. Drying capacity is 60 pieces with a drying time of 5-6 minutes per socket. Ideal for fine fabrics such as Lycra, wool, silk, etc.

Technical data

Power supply 230 V / 16 A

Power consumption 3,3 kW

Max. temperature 180 ° C

Dimensions drawers 700 x 680 x 70 mm

Number of drying capacity 3

Dimensions 829 x 1184 x 1202 mm

Weight 210 kg


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