Vario 3 IRT

Vario 3 IRT

Vario 3 IRT

Vario "3"IRT textile dryers

Latest model of drying tunnel designed primarily for drying and curing of prints on textile products. The equipment is optimised for drying and curing both plastisol and water inks. The tunnel is equipped with short but highly efficient pre-heating zone resulting in the fact that the full length of the tunnel can be used for efficient drying and curing at selected temperature. The tunnel uses short-wave and medium-wave infrared radiation supplemented by hot air circulation. Very high level of accuracy in adjustment and keeping of the pre-set temperature is guaranteed by the temperature sensor built just in heating elements as well as by state-of-the-art PID temperature control with automatic tuning of control parameters. Control system used is characterised by very fast and exact rise to the pre-set temperature without temperature over-oscillation and by very precise keeping of the pre-set temperature.

There is a cooling zone at the output of heating chamber causing no need to handle hot textile material by operator. The tunnel can be operated from both sides. The speed of belt can be adjusted in continuous range. The tunnel is equipped with the belt highly resistant both to mechanic and thermal stresses (up to 260°C) made of glass fibres covered with teflon. All active parts are products of world best-known producers. Complete equipment can be easily moved using built-in travel wheels if required. Perfect thermal insulation, exceptional noise isolation, filtration of intaken air, excellent exhaustion of outlet air, top functionality, easy operation - all this amended with attractive design. The tunnel is designed and produced to meet requirements of regulations and standards of EU countries regarding the design, running and safety of operation and it has a CE declaration.


Vario "3" IRT 770/25 Vario "3"IRT 770/43 frm Vario "3"IRT 1100/25 Vario "3"IRT 1100/43

belt width [mm] 770

max. capacity in pcs 100-180 200-360 200-360 400-720

dryer dimensions [mm] 2500x1000x1500 1100x2500x1050 4350x1100x1400 4750x1400x1500

loading section lenght [mm] 700 750 700 1 150

drying section lenght [mm] 1 550 3 100 1 550 3 100

unloading section lenght [mm] 250 500 250 500

belt speed [m/min] 0,5-7

max.temperature [°C] 180

installed power [kW] 14,5 28 22 38

electric supply [V] 3 N PE 400 V


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